Monday, April 18, 2011

You Just Keep Rolling Along...

A late night post to a well over-due post (meaning it's been over a year since I've blogged). Feeling inspired to write, so I must.

Since last Valentine's Day I've kept moving along in my acting career, ever so slowly, but ever so nonetheless.

"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still" -I can't remember who said this but it's fun to say in an Irish accent

I'm now very comfortable submitting myself on Actor's Access and have gone on a handful of auditions. Recently I was the lead in a short film directed by my friend Q deChambres. When it comes to the internet I'll post it for everyone to see :) I was so happy to do this film, it finally gave me the confidence to know that "I can do it. I can actually do it!"

I was also a hair model for Trust Salon out in West Hollywood. One of my pictures will grace the promotional postcards for a hair blow-out. (I'll post it here)

My intentions for this year are to become so comfortable with my film acting ability, that by next year I could walk up to Stephen Spielberg and say, "Put me in your film" (with a smile on my face of course :))

It feels good to write and connect. Thanks for reading,



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Post Valentine's Update

Feb Goals Update

February has been good to me. I've submitted myself for at least 10 student films! Again no call to audition but just the process of reading through the roles has been exhilarating and educational. Truth be told I am going to be extremely nervous when one of these submissions leads to an actual audition, one step at a time I keep telling myself. There is still time to hit my February Goal of 5 auditions but they'd have to happen quick!

Declutter, declutter. I'm reading the most amazing organizational book called "Organizing from the Inside Out" by Julie Morgenstern. She focuses on the technical errors of clutter as well as the emotional in hopes to ensure that once organized clutter doesn't resurface. She wants to help solve the cause of the clutter problem not just the symptoms which I thoroughly appreciate since I've always had a pile of papers to go through since I was a kid. I've done several of her tasks and am almost ready to "Attack".

Obtaining a commercial agent has proved to be quite impossible. But that is only due to the fact that I haven't tried to get one :( More to come on this front, stay tuned.

This is all for now! Love, K

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My intentions this month of February:

1. Go on 5 Auditions
2. De-Clutter/Organize my kitchen area
3. Continue to pursue a commercial agent

My aversion to blogging lately is not a proper reflection of what is going on in my acting career. Here's what's up:

1. Secured a 1st Assistant Director Intern Position in my film class.
2. Created a One Sheet- a marketing tool that highlights my current acting accomplishments. It is set-up like a magazine ad layout, cute, fun, and easy to read.
3. Made my first acting submission :) It was for a one-week film competition. I didn't get called to audition but the most important thing is that I've finally put myself out there. Yay!
4. Filmed a short scene with my friend. Her boyfriend wrote, directed, and filmed the scene.
5. Contacted Meryl Streep's publicist's assistant again to see if she would still like to teleconference. Still waiting for a reply.
6. Walked into the commercial casting office again to see if any auditions were for me. They were all SAG (Union), so I was unable to ask to audition.
7. Signed up for Actors Access, an online audition craigslist.

There is it folks :) I'm quite proud of myself. Thanks for all your support and love.
-Kara Marie Hamilton

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your First Time

Here we are my second post! I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and for becoming a follower of my blog. So to everyone a big hearty Midwest "THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!"

And now, my story:

The first time is always the scariest. You don't know what is coming, what it will feel like, how it will change you, how it will make you feel. Will it hurt? Feel good? Am I ready? Fears and doubts creep into the mind and produce physical reactions, otherwise known as butterflies, and in my case stomach pain.

So there I am. Cramped in pain at my first commercial audition. Perhaps the pain was intensified by the fact that I didn't actually have an audition appointment but was "crashing" the audition. Not only was this my first professional audition, but an audition that I was going to have to ask for!!

I was blessed to have a dear friend, George, with me for encouragement. While I gathered up my nerves and decided my options (Option 1- Leave Immediately Option 2- Ask for the Audition) George excitedly asked, "Do you want me to ask for you?" I knew leaving without asking for the audition would bring disaster to my self-esteem and ambition. I also knew that using George as my voice would be easier and less painful BUT that deep down I, myself would have to ask if I wanted to walk away from the experience stronger.

I walked up to the front to read through the small cartoon post of the McDonald's commercial to familiarize myself with the audition piece. Once the decision is made somehow fear takes a backseat. As I read, I pictured myself drinking that McDonald to-go cup and eating that McDonald fry, and just as I was about to turn to George and say, "I'm ready! Let's do this!" something unfamiliar caught my eye, words I did not understand. I had come to the realization that the commercial was all in Spanish! And although I think it is a wonderful language, my extent in knowing how to speak it is very very limited. La cosina esta alberto.

George and I had a good laugh and walked right out of that casting office. What did I learn from this? 1. Fear is produced easily by the mind and sometimes is unwarranted. 2. Make sure you know what you are auditioning for before you get your panties all in a bunch. 3. Friends are vital.

And most importantly: Next time will be easier!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Actor That Acts

I've been hesitant to put up my first blog, I've even changed the titled of this blog three times! Perfectionism has kept me closed in it's firm grasp.

BUT I know I've found the right title at last: "What If They Say Yes?"
I had just left my MasterMind Meeting of brilliant women, a group where we inspire, release, listen, laugh, create, and hold each other accountable for our careers in the arts. I was talking to one woman about asking Meryl Streep for a short telephone meeting, a guru meeting, and I turned to her and asked "What if they say no?" I was preparing myself for a stream of answers to flow from her mouth, such as "It's Ok, you can then ask someone else" or "Just making the call is worth it" or "Try again". Instead what I got was, a brief pause. Then a face whose smile lit it up as the words "What if they say yes?" escaped from its mouth. Giddiness immediately arouse from me and I knew what my blog would be titled.

This simple change of perspective has inspired me to finally write in my blog. A blog about my life as an Actor.

I welcome You! Thanks for Reading.

Love, Kara Marie